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  • [PD/ NFS EDGE] Assistant Dev Producer (1년 직접 계약직)
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채용부서 SPEARHEAD 채용분야 [PD/ NFS EDGE] Assistant Dev Producer (1년 직접 계약직)
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Temporary Fulltime

We are EA

Electronic Arts is more than you’ve ever realized. We’re more than a company, or a headline, or even a clever catchphrase – we’re a vibrant community of over 8,000 artists, storytellers, technologists and innovators working toward a shared vision: to inspire and unite through play.

While headquartered in Redwood City, EA's platform engineering, game development, and publishing operations take place in a network of locations, stretching from Shanghai to Stockholm, Melbourne to Vancouver. No matter which of our studio locations you join, you’ll feel the energy and support of EA’s global brand, while immersing yourself in a culture that inspires you to thrive, take risks and dream big. Our unique studios create amazingly creative and fun games - fast paced puzzles, adrenaline filled warfare, galaxy spanning adventures, high speed racing, and sports so realistic you can practically feel the grass under your feet.

This is an especially great time for the videogame industry which has a vibrant community of connected players around the globe playing on more devices than ever before. EA is transforming toward a digital future both in the games and services we create as well as how we connect and engage with our players

Since its founding in 1982, EA has helped shape the way millions players consume and enjoy interactive entertainment. No other company can deliver EA’s broad portfolio of amazing games and services across multiple platforms to players around the world. It is an exciting era for our industry, and an exciting time to join the team at EA!

Key Responsibilities

Ÿ Work closely with lead Producers& DDs  to maintain and manage milestones

Ÿ Work closely with cross-functional teams to coordinate dependencies and deliverables

Ÿ Report results back to lead producers

Ÿ Team up with Artists, DD’s and SE’s to implement features

Ÿ Daily build status checking for feature implementation in production phase

Ÿ Point of Contact for Build Quality management in debugging phase

Ÿ Supporting other producers & DDs


Ÿ Excellent understanding of the Online game industry & trends

Ÿ 1yr+ of experience in production, project management or similar online game industry development Experience working w/ software developer is preferred

Ÿ Good eye for “in-game” quality

Ÿ Strong advocate for the end-user, aka Customer Experience

Ÿ Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Ÿ Excellent writing and communication skills

Ÿ Easily able to adapt to changing environment and conditions

제출 서류

이력서(경력 기술서), 자기소개서

전형 절차

서류 전형 à 직군별 테스트 à1차 인터뷰 à2차 인터뷰 à결과 통보

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